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About Geoffrey Platt

In January 2011, Geoffrey Platt retired from 40 years of daily management of nonprofit organizations to found Geoffrey Platt Consulting, devoted to providing assistance of value to nonprofits. His last position was with Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison, NY, where he served first as Executive Director and later as Senior Advisor for Special Events and Development. His time at Boscobel capped almost 23 years in the museum field, which began in 1987 as Director of Government Affairs for the American Association of Museums, Washington, D.C. and later as Executive Director of Maymont Foundation, in Richmond VA, a position he held for 14 years.

After graduating from Harvard College cum laude and doing active duty military service, he began his work with nonprofits in music. Among his positions in that stage of his career was Manager of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Associate Dean of the Aspen Music Festival and School. He then took two years off to gain a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

Following graduate study he moved into the arts council field, serving first with the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, then moving to New Orleans to found the Arts Council of New Orleans, and then to Washington DC as director of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. He remained in Washington for 12 years before moving to Richmond to direct Maymont.

Geoff Platt has helped transform many institutions, by either starting or revitalizing them. His communications, fundraising, programming and management skills have proven valuable to many organizations and now he seeks to share what he has learned with others.

He has been married to the former Hope Forsyth since 1974; they have two children.

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