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Board Development and Governance

An effective and smoothly functioning board is essential to a nonprofit’s success, as it demonstrates to the community and funders it understands and follows best practices in fulfilling the following roles as a non-profit board: fiduciary stewardship, including fund-raising; policy making, as opposed to assuming operational duties; hiring and supporting the CEO, and firing if necessary; understanding the board-staff relationship and good governance (by-laws, term limits, succession plans, etc.), which includes a long-range plan.

Geoff has served on seven nonprofit boards and, as an executive, served eight others. Nonprofit boards are increasingly under a public microscope and must be sure they are employing best practices, not only for legal reasons but for their own efficacy. Board recruitment, committee structures, term limits, conflict of interest policy, succession plans and CEO/Board relationships are just a few of the other issues that require any nonprofit’s careful attention. Geoff is currently a member of the board of The Rensselaerville Institute, Delmar, NY and the Advisory Board of the Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY (State University of New York), New Paltz, NY.

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